About Coach Yeamah.

Yeamah has coached and counseled countless adolescent and young adult men and women overcome childhood sexual trauma, adolescent sexual rebellion, and all the guilt and shame that comes with it. She herself is no stranger to any of this because this is her story.


She knows all too well the pain and challenges of being a Christian woman and dealing with the trauma and bad choices of mangled and dysfunctional sexuality; wanting so bad to follow what the preacher said but not finding any practical way to deal with her very real everyday struggles.


The GOOD NEWS is she did overcome all of those struggles and released all of those lies. God gave her a blueprint, a plan and strategy to overcome the hardest battle she’s ever fought. All of he fear, shame, guilt and anxiety have disappeared and she wants this to be the same for all women, daughters and mothers.


After her healing and transformation Yeamah looked around and saw almost every woman she knew struggling with the same fears, pains and struggles in their sexuality. She saw how a wrong understanding of God’s will concerning their sexuality was actually destroying their relationship with Him. She saw that they did not know the God she knew, the One who loved her in her weakness, healed her pains and moved her into a full on celebration of her sexuality. She became consumed with desire to set God’s girls free.


After her transformation, God called her a Sexual Revolutionist! She walks boldly in this calling to bring women old and young into the celebration of their sexuality, heal their traumas, receive forgiveness for their unhealthy choices and bring them freedom in their spirituality and sexuality.