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Heal Fear and Shame About Your Sexual Orientation

So you can have a deep connection with God as a LGBTQ+ person.

Do you struggle with…

  • Persistent doubt about whether or not God is affirming of homosexuality  

  • Fearful of going to hell for having same sex attractions

  • Defending yourself to non-affirming friends and family

Whether you are…

  • In a closeted long-term relationship who is ready to come out and marry your partner

  • Coming out later in life and have never had a same sex relationship but you desire get married in the future

  • Out to your family but want to have peace personally with how God really feels about homosexuality

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This program is designed to help you create…
  • A sure foundation that supports you as a LGBTQ+ Christian

  • A spiritual routine that helps you regularly connect with God

  • A deep relationship with God

  • A life where you are experiencing true freedom to live life to your fullest expression of yourself

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By locking in on those outcomes, you become capable of… 

  • Living shame-free & proud in your relationship or dating life 

  • Reconnecting with a spiritual community if you so choose 

  • Living shame free in front of your family, no matter what your relationship is with them. 

  • Healing any physical shame around how you represent yourself, you will now be shame-free & proud

I get it- healing fear and shame can be hard 
That why I designed this program to meet you where you are at and shift you into an authentic deep connection with God


Why I Care

I was a faithful single woman awaiting the man God had for me

... when suddenly I fell in love with another woman and realized I still had same sex romantic attractions.


It was humbling, terrifying, and gave me a deeply profound lesson that we can never pray away the gay; and no one should ever feel guilty for who God created you to be–


Over the next 7 years, I got to work creating a framework on how to heal fear and shame as a LGBTQ+ Christian; enabling me to experience a deeper intimacy with God as my full self.


Now, it’s my honor to help other LGBTQ+ Christians do the same through my program “Confidently Queer.”

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