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Queer Believers, just like you, are experiencing true FREEDOM and feeling confident in their relationship with God!

What Clients Say...

“God is LOVE! And if you don't believe that in your soul, then Coach Yeamah will help you through your journey to realize God is and has been with you all along, never condemning you, always casting out fear, and full acceptance of all of you. Now and forevermore.”

Sam, B.

“Instead of going through the motions, I started to be present in my life. I could hear God. My anxious and depressive spells went away. I am living...I have so much hope and joy.”

Ana, M.

“Coach Yeamah (with discernment that only the Spirit could give) began to clean up the mess that the deluge of doubt and fear had caused. Years of mess. But it wasn't her voice she wanted me to hear; no Yeamah challenged me to lean in to hear the voice of the One who is the Author of my story. The voice of the One who created me to love and to love deeply. The One whose voice is the only one that matters.”

Shenay, B.

I get it- healing fear and shame can be hard 
That why I designed this program to meet you where you are at and shift you into an authentic deep connection with God

But You Can Do This Too!

More Clients' Testimonials

I am so beyond thankful for this experience and would still be stuck in this horrible state of a conditional loving God if it weren't for Yeamah. I am so beyond grateful and give God all the glory for that. If this program is something you are just considering, I highly recommend you do it. It will change your heart and the way you see the world and God in the best way possible. 

Hallie, R.

My experience working with Yeamah has been life changing. I was carrying so much shame and fear attempting to resolve my sexuality and Christianity. Unlearning all of the junk that has been dumped on me is a journey, but Yeamah’s one-on-one coaching challenged me to confront the limiting beliefs I held that don’t align with who I believe God to be. As a result I have a new boldness and assurance that God loves and is pleased with me now and always

Amber, J.

Before working with Yeamah, I was distant from God and afraid to talk to Him about my sexuality out of fear of disapproval. Through her coaching, I was reminded of how much God truly loves and accepts me just as he created me. She taught me about two way journaling, which has been a great way for me to converse with God in a more visual way. I loved meeting with her and hearing her wisdom that was always given in love and truth. Her insight really helped my perspective on my gender identity and sexuality change for the better. I will always be grateful for all she has taught me about the true nature of God and for her helping me learn new things about myself. She helped me find the courage to ask the deep questions I often hid from. The love of God shines through her and her joy is contagious. In short, Yeamah is awesome and has great resources and tools to help Queer Christians reconcile their faith and sexuality.

Brittney, J. 

It's Your Turn Beloved

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