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Purpose Detox: You Don't Deserve More...You're WORTH More!

A lot of us get messed up and disappointed because we think we DESERVE more. Motivational speakers and positive psychologists tell us this all the time. They tell us not to settle because we deserve more. Because we've worked hard enough so we deserve more, because we had a hard life so we deserve more, because we have always ended up with less so we deserve more, blah blah blah! It's all complete know why?

It's because when you believe we deserve more it's inevitable that you will face a situation that you feel you DON'T deserve. It's going to be too much money, too expensive of a purchase, too high class, too this and too that for you. You'll think I haven't worked hard enough for this, I haven't had the right kind of life to be in this board room or on this platform. When you judge what is in your life or not in your life by whether you deserve it or not--you're basically saying before it comes into my life I had to somehow earn it. Earning in life is never the way to get to our happy place because you never stop earning, but you are always WORTH MORE.

Worth is value. You are worth what someone is willing to pay for something--what they're willing to give in exchange for that thing. Business men and women understand this very well, they know that you do not bring time to the marketplace you bring value. People pay for value not because you worked really hard on that product, project, or business. They pay you what it's worth. Those of us who love to shop also know "you get what you pay for". You buy cheap you get cheap. You buy expensive you get high value...and you my friend are HIGH VALUE.

You are going to get all of your heart's desires met by God because YOU ARE WORTH MORE...not because you deserve more. If you worked 1000 hours a week and was the nicest person on the planet you could not earn the AMAZING things God has planned for you. Honey, you are PRICELESS. You are worth more than rubies...remember that.

So the next time you pray don't whine to God about what you deserve ask Him to bring into your life the things/people that are WORTHY of what He paid for you.

In process,


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