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Who are you for real?

How many of the identities you wear did you pick up from satan's boutique? How many discounted lies have you bought to cover up the priceless soul that lies beneath?

There are many things we all pick up from those racks that have distorted the answer to that question of who we really are. The sad thing is that many of those identities that were available for sale were placed there by family members, "friends," teachers, bosses we respected, ex boyfriends and girlfriends, and the things we use to entertain ourselves.

Bad boy (that one is so obvious satan didn't even try to cover it up), independent woman?, (where in this world is being an island and never needing help ever a good thing--it's not biblical--it's meant to separate you from the dependence on God that is required to enter the kingdom), loner? (the best and most vulnerable person is who is alone without a support system--perfect prey), how about sex vixen (because nothing is better than being really good at selling yourself to the lowest bidder); intellectual, Dr. So and So, broken, hurt, etc.

What about faithful church goer (because attendance is directly related to how well you know your Father); or when you can quote the scripture in and out (but how many do you have a real revelation on that you're living right now); or you can sing every worship song; or you know all the right things to say at the right time during the service or someone's testimony AMEN! PREACH! or my favorite

"Amen, Brother/Sister."

Stop with the lies!

So where do you find out who you really are? Ask God.

He is your Creator, Maker, and the Beginning and the End of everything you are. He has the first and last word on YOU. Your fingerprints were traced out by His hands--think about that! You are more than labels, fake identities from this world or church. He is the only One who can tell you who you really are. Take no money, no credit card and go shopping in His first class boutique--where everything's been PAID for! When you walk in there you'll see that every suit is tailored-made and has a name written on the label, so you won't make a mistake and pick up someone else's identity!! Ask the Sales Rep (Holy Spirit) to pull from the racks what has YOUR NAME on it and fits you like a glove.

Who you really are is only a mystery until you ask the One who's made you to reveal His workmanship--You are, my dear, a WORK OF ART!

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