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Who Are You Pretending To Be?!

You and I spend so much time trying to be somebody we are really not AT ALL. I don’t know who we are trying to impress or protect. It’s certainly not ourselves or others because they’re so wrapped up in themselves they don’t even notice all that stuff you’re doing to impress them. You may not think that you try to impress people, but the clothes that you wear, the comments you make on Facebook for likes, the pictures you post for likes, everything you do for likes say otherwise; it’s so bad that sometimes people (you and I) even post things just to see if anybody is paying attention to their lives.

The terrible thing about it is most of us are walking around as a fake and a phony. You don’t really think that way, you don’t really speak that way, you don’t really don’t believe that thing when you’re alone. When you are by yourself, and finally “let your hair down” none of what you pretend to be is true. This may be a little harsh but if I have to offend you to shake you out of the darkness of who you are pretending to be than it’s worth it for me, because this is life and death. I’m NOT being overdramatic, I’m being serious! We all are trying to constantly be somebody else to be accepted and we end up erecting walls between ourselves and other people that keeps any real relationship with another human being at a scary distance. We totally and completely alienate each other by this phony perfection we try to put on. It’s really sickening.

You ARE NOT PERFECT! Accept that and get over it. No one is expecting you to be perfect either and that includes God, if He was Jesus would never have had to come. Jesus was not God’s plan B, He knew we were cray cray and the plan A was always to send His Son to shed His blood and cover our sins. We’ve been imperfect from the beginning, so reeelaaxxxx! Be yourself, stop trying to be somebody other than yourself. It’s not working, it really never will.

You are LOVED AS YOU ARE! Seriously. We owe it to each other to BE real about our individual reality. If you’re having a great day, have a freakin’ great day, if it’s not so good don’t pretend like it isn’t. Be real, keep it 100 (Philly thing.) I’m not going to be cliche about there being nobody else other than you on this Earth, even though it’s the truth. But for real, NOBODY else can you be you other than YOU. You with all your junk is good enough. STOP trying to be perfect, please! How lonely is it that if people accept that fake you and when you finally start acting like yourself they reject you...and then you have the nerve to blame’s not their fault. It’s your fault for knowing and loving yourself enough to let the world SEE YOU.

Let’s allow the rest of 2016 to be a year of our authentic selves! It’s time to come out of hiding, let it all out. The people that belong in your life will be drawn to the real you because your destiny relationships are dependent upon you looking like you for them to find you. Think about that, the reason why you have all those annoying people in your life and you don’t understand how they find you? They’re finding that fake person you’re pretending to be. So be yourself and free up your circle for those people who belong in your life. That was just a side note, but that was really good.

So once again, BE YOU! Like the REAL YOU! The truth is only you and God knows who that is, although He does have a better handle on you since He created you. So if that's hard for you, ask Him and I promise you that it's better than you ever thought!

Love ya!

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