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Double Minded Much?

So sometimes as believers when we ask God something we sometimes think we've heard Him and then later we think we hear Him again except this time it sounds like THE TOTAL OPPOSITE of what He said before. For example, God is this the man for me, you hear "Yes he is the one I have for you."Next day you ask the same question this time you hear "You and him will not be together, he is not the one I have for you." Or you ask about a job, should I accept this position? You hear both Yes and No. What the heck right?!

James 1:8 in the AMP says a person of two minds (double minded) is unstable and unreliable and UNCERTAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING HE (SHE) THINKS, FEELS, DECIDES! Does this sound familiar? You cannot settle on one thing to save your life, you are back and forth, black and white, (is this a Katy Perry song? lol) but basically on the inside you feel like two different people.

I'm not lamenting so you can share in my pain or confusion that sometimes we have no clue if it's God voice or not. I am sharing because He told me the answer and I want to share!

The answer: We hear God really clearly when we are 100% persuaded what His heart is for that situation. For example, you know God says do not be unequally yoke with an unbeliever. You start falling for one and you ask God, "Lord, is this your will?" The answer will clearly be a "No" from God. He will never contradict His word. So for instance marriage, if you knew, were fully persuaded what God's will for YOUR marriage, YOUR husband, YOUR family is you will be able to clearly hear Him say which way to go.

If He has told you that His purpose for YOUR marriage is that you will travel around preaching the Gospel and you meet a guy who cannot even consider leaving his zip code---no need to ask God boo, he is clearly not the one. Do you see what I mean?

And it doesn't stop there. It's not just knowing His will but being well acquainted, intimate, with His heart toward you. That right there will solve so many issues. He loves you, He has good plans not evil plans, He is excited about your life and He's not as serious and intense as you may think, Life is good to God, life is fun with Him. So relax a little bit. Breathe. Then ask Him, "Father, what is your heart's desire for my (fill in the blank)" He will tell you and you're going to LOVE IT!

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