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A Fresh New Desire!

While in prayer for the new year God released in me a deep love for HIS will in my life!

There are many times that we pray and declare & decree our desires in the Earth believing that we will have what we say. We spend much time speaking out the desires of OUR heart and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Sometimes God will answer those prayers because He loves you and wants to see you full of joy! He's a kind Father and a God of love who loves to give to His children. I only say sometimes as a disclaimer, because some of those desires may be rooted in brokenness, immaturity, short-sightedness, etc. and those kinds of desires will kill our destiny and hinder our progress--so as a good Father He will not give you what will kill you.

Spending so much time praying and asking for our own things leaves very little room to seek what God's will is for us. We become so consumed in wanting what we want and get lost in the work of seeing those prayers manifest in the Earth. There is nothing wrong with warring for what you know God has promised you like healing, prosperity, peace, joy and so forth; but we still need to be wise and discerning in our prayers. This is not something to beat yourself up for if you do not know or is not yet walking in the wisdom of knowing what to war for and what to rest in. It's something we individually have to learn through experience as we grow mature in our walk with God. But you will learn it sooner or later! :) Ephesians 5:17

The love He put in me for His will came from a long season of warring for those things I knew God had promised me. It came after long hours of prayer, worship, an

d seeking what His WORD had to say about MY situation. I needed the wisdom to know what to prayer and to know if I was praying according to His will. Some of those things I warred for came to pass and some did not. It was the things that did not that I laid at His feet in that new year prayer. I surrendered to Him those things and as I did that His Spirit overwhelmed me with a new focus and a new heart's desire...a desire for Him! A desire for HIS WILL in ALL THINGS! Psalm 27:4,8

It's an amazingly restful and joyful place to be when all you want is Him! I prophesy that you who are reading this will experience this same joy and peace right now! God is for you, His will is His pleasure towards you, and He desires only GOOD things for you! Rest in that truth because His will is His heart for you and if He sent Jesus while you were still jacked up, show 'nuf He will keep you and bless you now that you are His! Every GOOD thing you WANT AND NEED He's got ready for you. Beloved, receive the love for the will of God FOR YOU now, in Jesus' Name! Psalm 34:10

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