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An Uncomfortable Season Part 2

Hey y' I know it took awhile to get to Part 2 but this season has been rough and ya girl needed to get it together! :)

Part this season you must let go! The truth is that it's uncomfortable because you think you need to somehow be in control and direct the outcome. It's uncomfortable because you are trying to use old situations to define new circumstances. THIS IS A NEW SEASON. You haven't been here before (unless you running around the same mountain...but I'm believing better for you ;)); the scenery is different, the landscape is different, the air feels different, the people and creatures you see are different, STOP trying to make this thing make sense. Guess who is your Shepherd...NOT YOU!

It took me a while to get to this point of even believing I should let this go. I had to have help to understand that I didn't need to know everything God was doing and allow Him to work without giving me a play by play. That is huge right there, we need to TRUST that HE IS GOD. The Bible says ALL of His ways are perfect, which means that the way He's directing your life and the season He has you in right is the perfect way to get you where you need to be! That is some GOOD news! He's not going to make a mistake, He'll never say "OOPS!" in your life. Fall back and chill. The Master is at work.

I'm sure you have heard this before, Let Go and Let God, but it's not a cute church saying it's the truth. You are not smart enough to figure it out even if He did give you all the details, you can't see far enough to understand what is going on is really enough just to know that it's Him and He loves you with a love that will take you all eternity to discover. His intentions are not to hurt you, make you miserable, forsake you, leave you behind while everyone else is getting what you prayed for...none of that, and if you're hearing any of that cast that vain imagination down and speak out of your mouth,"God loves ME!"

Be humbled beloved in this "uncomfortable" season, once you do an incredible joy and excitement and waaaiiiit for it...PATIENCE will manifest in you and it will shock you...I've literally lived and am living this. It's not by power nor by might but by His Spirit. Won't He do it? Yes He most definitely will!

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