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The #1 Reason You've Been Losing at Sexuality

I’m going to give it to you right up front: Too much access.

That’s right, #3 from the last blog started to explain this a little bit. Here is more detail.

If supply is greater than demand prices go down. People are less willing to pay high dollar for anything they can get somewhere else cheaper. If you go shopping for a certain pair of wedges and you saw them cheaper at another store, what will you do? Get in your car and go get the cheaper deal.

So, how does this relate to your sexuality? Well, if you are allowing anyone and everyone access to who you are sexually—through conversations, body language and actions—the demand goes down. If they can access your sexuality at any time they want without resistance than they will access it on their time when it’s more convenient for them.

That’s why they’re not calling you back and that’s why they’re not answering your calls. Your supply is higher than their demand. Look at what happens when the a new IPhone or new pair of Jordan’s come out—people stay in long lines over night until the store opens and RUSH in to get it. The demand is high and the supply is low.

Queen, you are an exclusive limited edition—you’re not even a limited edition there is only one of you and ONLY ONE person gets to have you. God has that ONE person for you. So your supply is not just low—it is minuscule. J Only that ONE person gets access!

Time for Change Queens,


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