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What No One Told You About Sexuality

Sexuality is such a buzz word right now. There are two groups of people those who want to define it for the society as a whole and those who feel that it’s can only be defined by themselves for themselves. What group are you in?

Well let me tell you that both of those groups of people are wrong. Sexuality was defined before any of us got here. This is nothing new. And when I say us, I mean the human race. Sexuality isn’t a man-made construct for us to be defining and redefining.

It’s like us trying to redefine the tilt axis of the Earth or redefine the distance the sun is from the Earth—it makes no sense. All those things were set up before we got here, just like sexuality.

When God made man everything about male and female were already determined, defined and solidified before Adam breathed his first breath. So my wonderful fellow humans, please stop trying to define something you had not part in creating.

Time for Change Queens,


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