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Epic Formula to Celebrate Your Sexuality

Remember what our definition of sexuality was? So we’re not talking about celebrating it the wrong way by celebrating your sexual identity.

#1: Be thankful

The first step to appreciating anything in life is being thankful for it. It changes your entire mindset to begin seeing the thing you're thankful for as an asset and not a liability. You begin to embrace it and feel honored to have it.

#2: Respect it

Put some respeck on it—lol—just kidding. But for real. You can’t really celebrate something if you don’t think it’s worthy of your respect. You have to honor and protect it. Celebration is about seeing the great value in something and being glad that the value either belongs to you or being honored to share the value with others. If you value something you will honor and protect it. Think about our soldiers and how they fight to protect our liberty—that is a form of celebration.

#3: Limit Access

Stop giving everyone access to your sexuality through your conversation, body language and actions. When you talk dirty or raunchy you are cheapening your sexuality. When you dress and carry yourself in a seductive way for people you are not in a covenant relationship with you are cheapening your sexuality. When you give your body away to people who have not been approved by God for you it is cheapening your sexuality.

Exclusivity is celebration. Use it.

Time for Change Queens,


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