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You Deserve More

Many people settle for less than they deserve simply because they believe they deserve less. I know that’s a bit of mind bender but read it again slowly. You have right now exactly the life you think you deserve. This includes all the headaches, heartaches, triumphs and victories that are in your life.

If you really believed you deserved more, you would’ve made different choices.

Your life right now is the sum total of all the decisions you have made in the past.

Here is one reason you think you deserve less:

You don’t really know who you are. You are deceived about your TRUE identity—the real you is still hidden. For example, if an eagle is raised by chickens it lives it’s life as a chicken and will never use it’s wings to leave the ground because it has taken on a false identity. That is true for you as well. This should tell you that you need to be careful who you have hanging around you because they are defining your limits—according to their own limits. A chicken has absolutely no knowledge/experience of flying like an eagle so it will, in innocent ignorance completely neglect the ability of flight in the eagle.

There may be people around you right now that cannot see the real you, not because they’re mean or wicked, but simply because they are ignorant of your amazing abilities because they have no experience in the area of your strengths. They can’t help you build what is not even on their radar.

We settle for less when we let other people limits become our own limits. Or we let other people’s failure become our own. Like, when a woman believes that she cannot have children because her best friend, sister, or coworker who is very close to her had problems conceiving—so she takes that on and wears their failures as her own.

Beautiful queen I urge you to take off the limitations, failures, and ignorance of those that are around you. You cannot move forward and receive everything that God has for you if you are weighed down by any of those things. You deserve more and you will only get more when YOU decide to.

You are loved,


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