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Purpose Detox: Comparison Paralysis

Hey y'all!

Okay, so if you've been joining me on Periscope you know that we are on Day 4 of our Purpose Detox! Read the previous blog to find out what the process of the Purpose Detox. We are cleaning out our souls from all the negative thoughts and beliefs that is keeping us from living a life of purpose and of our dreams. We should be getting up out of bed every morning excited to live! If you're not there make sure you join us on Periscope to do this thang!

Ok now, lets talk about Comparison Paralysis. Basically stop comparing yourself to everybody else, but not just yourself but your purpose. What we do is if God has put a desire in our heart, for example being an actor, we look at all the great actors and think "I could never do that like they do it, they're just soo good," or we God calls us to teach and we say, "but teachers are so boring I don't want to be boring." lol

Here's the truth, if God was able to gave each of the billions of people that have lived and currently live on this Earth a unique fingerprint--He can certainly give each and every one of us a unique calling that looks like nobody else. Nobody else can do what God's called you to like you can. This is what He always tells me, "No eye has seen and no ear has heard what I've called you to do." Which means, I can't look around me to find the blueprint of what God has called me to do--I can learn principles but I will only find that unique blueprint in God. So STOP COMPARING YOUR PURPOSE TO ANOTHER PERSON'S PURPOSE.

Something I didn't mention in the post is that we often have "purpose-envy" we wish we were called to do something else. Stop that too! Trust me the happiest, most fulfilled place you can be is in the purpose God has called YOU to.

Love you beloved,

Go rock the World!

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