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Purpose Detox: The Reason Why You're Busy and Still Unhappy

Hello Beautiful Ones,

So this morning was so funny on Periscope when we did our Day 9 of the Purpose Detox. I woke up late, my tripod wouldn't stay still, my computer died and so our song didn't play and so on....that sounds like a terrible morning and start to Periscope right? I was tempted to think so and start the scope all over but I didn't--I pushed past the paralysis of perfection and rocked out anyway! Here's a free tidbit for you--stop waiting to do everything perfect before you pursue your dreams and your purpose.

So here's four reasons you are busy and still unhappy. First let me explain what I mean by being busy: a long to do list just so you can feel important or accomplished but you really never get anything done and being tired at the end of the day with no real results--

You may being doing this because:

  1. You're chasing the dollar dollar bills

  2. You're trying to be social media famous

  3. You're copying somebody else's dream

  4. You're living up to other people's expectations

If you're busy for any of those reasons STOP IT. We want things on our to-do list that are connected to our Purpose. Stop and ask yourself WHY you're doing the things you're doing. It may not be one of the reasons in my list--if you find more put it in the comments for me.

I love y'all!

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