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Purpose Detox: You Don't Need Their Applause, Here's Why

Hey there my powerful people!

It's Day 10 of our Purpose Detox! Yes we made it! Lol We're talking about people pleasing and needing approval to move into our purposes. A lot of us majored in college degrees to please our parents, to impress people and at the end of our college career realized we were no closer to feeling fulfilled. That's people pleasing, that's living up to people's expectations. We gotta get free from that. But we're so used to it, we learn when we are children we should do things for the applause of people. When we say our ABC's and they clap for us, or we dance or sing and they clap---so we grow up performing for the applause of other people, whether they are parents, peers or lovers.

You do not need the applause from the stands to go and pursue your dream and fulfill your purpose in life. Because the truth is people will always applaud success no matter what kind of success it is. They will applaud you once you've made it--they may placate you now in the infant stages of you pursuing your dreams but when you succeed--and if you follow your purpose you will--they will clap for you. But if you're waiting for them to clap now just forget it. Work hard first--find your purpose--pursue that and then let them applaud.

The only agreement you need is the one God gave you when He put you in your mother's womb. He said YES to who you are before you even knew yourself. He's been clapping and applauding you. He's applauding you now as you read this because He sees your hunger and desire to be who He made you to be. I'm applauding that in you as well!

Go be fabulous, stop waiting for the squad to join you. Do it alone, once you win, you'll see them running up.

Love y'all!

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