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Purpose Detox: Your Standards Need an Upgrade!

Hello Lovely People!

Today we're talking about your standards and I'm just going to say it up front--THEY'RE TOO LOW! Your standards need a happy meal but for real you need to get your standards higher.

Standards are one of those words and concepts that we all talk about but I don't believe we actually know what we're talking about. I looked up standards online and the definitions did not do a good job of defining what we mean when we say that word.

So here's the definition - the level of the expectation you have placed on life! God is saying your expectations are too low. He's telling us we need an upgrade in our expectations. If He's telling us we need an upgrade that means He's ready to blow your mind!

Do an assessment of the level of expectation you have from your finances, relationships, health etc. You're getting from life what you've been asking--which is very little. If you want BIG ask BIG. God is big enough to handle anything you can think up--I promise.

So go ahead and give your expectations an upgrade!

P.S. Check out the video on Periscope @coachyeamah

, this is day 14 of our Purpose Detox

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