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Purpose Detox: Silencing the Haters

Hey there reader!

Doesn't it appear that everyone has haters these days--which means there must be somebody out there who considers us their "hater"---just a unto the blog.

A lot of us think that a hater is someone who is crass and in your face telling you, "You can't do that!", "No one will buy that from you!", or "You are going to fail!" That is not the type of haters most of us deal with on a daily basis. The haters we deal with are much more subtle than that.

Subtle hate looks like someone suggesting that MAYBE you should try s

omething else. Or say MAYBE you should look at the other people who attempted what you attempted the same thing failed. Or the Christian version where they'll say, "I don't really sense that's what God has called you to." Oh thanks...I didn't know the conversation I had with God was a three way conversation with you, me and Him. It wasn't, but thanks. (This is not to say that you can't have people who counsel you that you've trusted with guidance for your life.)

Another type of hater is the people who have tried to do what we are attempting and THEY have FAILED so they are jaded, bitter and mad at the world. So it would make no sense for you to sit under that type of counsel, because they're against anyone thinking they can succeed where they've failed. For example, if you're single and wanting to be married you are NOT going to sit and talk to someone who's been divorced and now thinks marriage is from the pit of hell. You're just not.


#1: Stop listening to people who think that you should be doing everything else other than what God has called YOU too. Those people who think you should play it safe and stop being so radical or intense. That's their issue not yours!

#2: Get advice from successful people in the area you're seeking counsel on. Do not sit in the counsel of bitter people who have considered failure their new identity.

Stay positive beautiful--you will make it.

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