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Pursuing ME

Happy new year to you who's reading this! It's 2018 and its time to BE who you are and stop doing what you think or believe is expected of you. It's going to be messy and uncomfortable but the reward is so worth it. I've been on this journey since 2016--like for real on this journey. I talked about it before then but never really did it. Something clicked in me in the summer of 2017 when I decided that I would no longer live according to anyone's expectations and I would intentionally indulge in all of my hearts desires---it was nuts!

I did so many things that I thought I had left way in the past--I entertained relationships that in hindsight was less than smart lol--but honestly I enjoyed them and I learned from ALL of them. I made tons of stupid mistakes and had to forgive myself A LOT lol...but it was worth it. You know why? Because the woman writing this post today is surer about who she is than the girl who started the journey 2 years ago.

It is the wierdest feeling and I can't quite describe it but there's this settled feeling deep down inside of me. Not like--I did all the bad things and now I can focus on being good but more like I honor the journey. I respect it and now I have a foundation to build on. I'm learning that all those desires I thought were mine weren't actually all mine. There were things society either told me I couldn't have--so I went after it OR there were things society told me I had to be and I obeyed. For example,

society told me that I was the object of desire but what I learned and what I'll be discussing this year is that I possess my own desire and pleasure. And that it is a godly pursuit to pursue pleasure, joy and delight. More on that later tho.

So again happy new year! Part 2 of becoming and manifesting authentic identity is in full swing!



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