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Getting to Know Your Body

As you know I wrote a book about the joy of sexuality--its' called Good Sex. Go get your copy if you haven't already--I promise you won't regret it. I still read it to remind myself of what God taught me about me and my sexuality.

So my journey has continued beyond the book (2nd book probably coming soon) and it's been amazing. And the part of the journey I'm currently on right now is getting to know my body. That's right I'm getting acquainted my body. Wherever your mind goes when thinking about that's on you--I'm not going to expound lol.

But honestly I believe as women we don't often get the education about ourselves--our bodies--as girls. I know I definitely didn't. I was left to a lot of self-discovery and no one to help or really answer questions I had. Uncle Google was not around around and aunty YouTube wasn't either. And I'm not just talking about education on the parts of my body from a biological standpoint. I have a degree in biology so I'm very much of aware the THE female form but I have not known MY body. I have not known the intricacies of myself. Furthermore, I have not been led on a journey into celebrating my body.

I know a lot of women are in war with their bodies. We were made to believe that it was to be constantly under construction. Something we had to continually work on in order to be accepted in society and of course for the ultimate goal of marriage. Be pretty, have a tight body, fix this and fix that so a man can want you. It's been a tragic war that we often find ourselves losing more often than not.

So where have I been with this? God is leading me into the celebration of my physical body--externally and internally. Revealing to me the hidden secrets of who I am in my body. Every woman is different. Each woman's body is unique and pleased uniquely. (You know I had to bring it back to sexuality :)). Here's the thing--you can never have what my book "Good Sex" talks about if your body is an enemy to you. You can never enjoy intimacy if you haven't seen YOU. If you haven't been intimate with yourself and celebrated yourself. That's where I am right now--and it's blowing my mind. The female body is amazing and complex and beautiful and strong and MY BODY is beautiful, perfect, filled with pleasure, freedom and goodness!!!

Your turn honey, do you know you? Are you still fighting your body? When will you finally surrender to the beautiful vessel that you are and celebrate it in all it's glory! What about right now---take a look in the mirror.



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