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God Wants You Free!

We've all tasted some form of freedom in our lives. I bet you can think about that time right now of that moment when you felt absolute freedom. I haven't defined freedom yet but we all have a sense of it in our souls. We were built for freedom and it's in our DNA! God is all about liberty. In Galatians 5:1, the Bible says it was FOR freedom that Christ SET US FREE. It also says in 2 Corinthians 3:17, that where the Spirit of the Lord IS there freedom. God and Freedom cannot be separated from each other. You know what that means? It means where God is not there is NOT freedom.

That means when we are living against th

e will of God no matter what we may be feeling like, we are NOT free. We are in BONDAGE. God wants you free! All of what He tells us to do and how we tells us to live is so that we may be free. He didn't make you to live according to the ways of this world, because the world is in darkness. They are stumbling around in chains. They are prisoners of the devil. That devil has puppet strings attached to people who do not know God. The puppet strings are not visible, and obvious, to those who are spiritually blind. Spiritually blind people can be believers and non-believers. A believer who is not renewing their mind, Romans 12:1-2, according to the Word of God will be deceived as well.

We look up to those people who have money, fame and influence and we think they are absolutely free. They can do WHATEVER they want, with WHOEVER they want, WHENEVER they want. That's what we deeply believe to be freedom. We believe freedom is a life without restraints, nobody telling us what to do, how to do it, and with who to do it with. We're RIGHT! That is real freedom. The spiritually blind person is NOT FREE. The devil is running their lives and telling them what to do. How are you living? Who's running your life, Jesus or the devil? Following the world and listening to your own heart that is not submitted and changed by the Word of God makes you a prisoner every time.

If you as a believer is not engaging Jesus in the Word of God, YOU ARE NOT LIVING FREE! Jesus said that the Words He spoke were Spirit and life. We already said that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Freedom is in the Word of God. Read it for your own safety, read it to get free!

God wants you to live free. He wants your heart to not be broken, He wants your soul to be whole, He wants your smile to be real and genuine. He doesn't want you coping with your problems or lusting after the world and it's counterfeit freedom. We have the real deal in Jesus!

Be encouraged beloved!

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