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Purpose Detox: The Magic of Your Inner Child

Hello lovely people!

I hope you've been joining me on Periscope for our 40 day Purpose Detox! It's fire--I mean fiyah!

Being childlike is a prerequisite of following your dreams because children believe ANYTHING is possible. Their imaginations are absolutely amazing! Do you remember when you were a child how amazing your imagination was? Walt Disney said the saddest thing is that we all grow up.

Stop growing up lol...stop thinking you have to be this mature adult who has to have it all together before you can follow your dreams. Or that you have to logically and systematically plan out your every move before pursuing your purpose. Because you know what, what you're actually planning is a way to make sure that you don't fail but children aren't afraid of failing. That's the adult in you that has taught you that failure is an identity flaw when it actually is just a learning opportunity.

When a child believes they can fly and they tie their bed sheets around their neck and jump off the couch and fall they don't think to give up they think of another way to jump! That's what we have to do--we have to let failure open the possibility to another way to jump! I love that!!

Believe in the magic of your dreams. Believe that all things are possible. Children do--and you used to. Don't lose that child that's on the inside of you. Even Jesus said we can't come hang out with Him in His Kingdom if we are stuffy old people--we have to be like little children.

Go ahead tie on that bed sheet and jump!

Love y'all.

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