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Adam & Eve NOT Adam & Steve???

How valid is this argument? I asked my Instagram family and 100% said no, but why?

The argument is if God did not create it this way in the beginning then we should not be allowing it now. So what was in the beginning? A tree that gave you life and a tree that gave you the knowledge of good and evil. There was a talking snake. The ground was watered from a midst and not rain. And two naked people. How many of those things are present now? None of them. OR was the story a simplified metaphorical representation of how the world was created?

In the New Testament, Matthew 19, Jesus told those who were divorcing their wives to go back to beginning where God joined man and woman and no one should divorce his wife unless he's out there buying sex, other than that they should not divorce. Is there divorce now?

There are tons of resources talking about the gender complimentarity of Genesis but without going into all of that I have another question. Did God create Adam and Eve, and Joann, and Rebecca, and Caroline? So why did He tell David if he had asked Him for another wife He would've given him one instead of him raping Bathsheeba and murdering her husband?

With all of these apparent contradictions in scriptures and in our world now this argument is ineffective in proving because it was not in Genesis 1 & 2 it should not be present today.

The important truth from Genesis for us to meditate upon and accept is that we were made in the image of God, male and female. Which means God is both male and female. Scripture, Galatians 3:28, says in Christ there is no male or female and we are all one. The paramount understanding is we were created for union--with one another and with God.

Marrying someone of the same sex and being in union is a representation of our collective union in God. The human race in all of its diversity represents the beauty and multi-faceted nature of God.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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