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Am I a Lesbian or Having a Midlife Crisis?

We are used to seeing men who are experiencing a midlife crisis buy that shining new red convertible and leaving his wife of 25 years to marry a younger woman. Usually its because they're realizing there life is closer to ending and they want to relive their youth. Its usually a vain and superficial rejection of getting older.

What we don't ever see is a woman experiencing a midlife crisis. She's usually the victim or supporting character left in the dust of her husband's midlife crisis. Or if they are progressive they put the woman in the role of the man and she leaves him and gets a younger man.

You're asking this question because you think that you are being vain and superficial and abandoning your family. Is that really true?

Usually with women, when they reach the latter half of their lives they realize how much of themselves they have given up to please the people in their lives. All of who you are was crushed under the expectation of society and your family and everyone in between. Now you're finally waking up because you've done everything they told you to do and for the most part they've forgotten about you. I know that's harsh but its the truth. Society throws away older women because they no longer serve the purpose of childbearing and raising.

So you're free to face yourself without the stares of society and as you have been looking you've found a beautiful part of who you are hidden under the rubble. Its the identity you traded to live up to expectations. Welcome to who you are!

You are not having a midlife crisis you're waking up to authentic self. Comment "Amen" if this resonates with you.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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