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Am I Confused by the Enemy?

Is he confusing you? Are you really not attracted to women? Maybe you opened the door somehow and somewhere to him. Maybe you watched a movie, or listen to demonic lustful music, maybe you have a friend who has ruined you. There are so many possibilities of how this confusion about your love for women could have started.

Also, after all your heart is desperately wicked and cannot be trusted right?

Well here's the truth, when you were born again your heart was made new and God wrote Their laws on your heart and mind. You were also made ONE with Them. You are light and love. You are filled with the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth.

Can we sometimes and do we sometimes stray away and forget who we are? Yes. But confused? Never.

The church has done a real great job teaching us how to distrust ourselves but that is not the message of Jesus. He came to remind you of your divinity and power. You are One with Him. How could you get confused when He is in you? It's not possible baby. Especially not about LOVE. Who He is and you are.

So how do you make sure? Forget about being confused about the enemy and sit in your Oneness with God. There's a really great book that helps bring me back to this truth whenever I start to feel distant from God and its called Mystical Union by John Crowder. Go get this and make this a part of your library.

You are valid. Your feelings are valid. Your love is valid.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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