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Are My Lesbian Attractions an Attack on My Family?

This is for my married sisters or those in long term committed relationships.

I would say the attack started way before you were in that relationship when you were forced to hide who you are to please others. Satan's work is to steal, kill and destroy you. He stole your truth, killed your dreams and destroyed your future by forcing you into the closet. This is not to say you are not happy and grateful for your family, especially if you have children.

What if you considered this awakening as a call from God to your truth, FINALLY?

In one of the last conversations with God of me struggling with my identity, She said to me, "when are you finally going to accept yourself? I do." She even told me my ability to love both women and men was my SUPERPOWER!

It's all about a shift in your thinking. Either you're thinking from a place of lack where something is being taken away from you or you're thinking abundance where God is giving abundantly into your bosom.

What if She's saying its time to come out and be yourself? What if the space you're in right now is a thank you and an opening the doors of the prison that's held you in for years?

Shift your thinking from negative to positive. If you need help navigating through this valley of emerging and transitioning into your full authentic self. Schedule a complimentary coaching session with me now.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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