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Did I Open the Door to Satan?

What you mean is that you somehow unintentionally opened the door to allow demons to come in and influence you in a direction away from God. Depending on the situation you're in this could be true. For example, if you're married and you are cheating on your spouse. That is definitely not God. They would never invite you or welcome you to hurt another person.

If you're talking simply about the fact that you are attracted to women as a woman, then no.

Your desire to love one person and have a family is not demonic. You wanting to end your life, like I struggled with for many years, because of your sexual orientation is demonic. Anything that involves fear, hate and condemnation is of satan. He is always going to be the one to make you feel less than, worthless, in trouble, full of guilt and every other nasty cocktail of emotions.

More than likely, you started experience these attractions to women at a very young age, similar to everyone else who are straight. You did nothing wrong. You didn't force it. You didn't try to make yourself have a crush on your friend or the teacher. It just happened as you developed as young woman, just like everyone else.

You may be experiencing these emotions stronger now because you're finally in place where you feel safe to explore yourself. Its honestly more like God is removing the enemy's control and setting you free like God always does. Galatians 5:1 It is for FREEDOM that Jesus has SET US FREE.

The only open door is the closet you've been in. Come out baby!

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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