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Does God Hate Me for Being Gay?

First, God is love and could NEVER HATE YOU! And God loves you with a love so deep you could never get to the bottom of it. Their love for you started before you were born and will stretch beyond the day you transition from this world. It is truly eternal.

Second, I am so proud of you for accepting yourself for who you are. Taking that step is the hardest part and most people are still struggling to even say the truth to themselves. I want you to celebrate your strength, even if it feels like the smallest and quietest thing inside of you right now.

And now to answer your question:

Your sexuality or attractions are a part of the fabric of who you are. According to Psalm 139 God knit you together. They made you in Their image. You look like Him, Her and Them. Your desire to love and be in relationship is a part of you that you did not create within yourself AND a reflection and extension of Their love through you. Seriously sit and receive this truth. Take out your journal and have a conversation with God about this truth.

God does not hate heterosexual people for being straight and They certainly do not hate you for being gay, bi or queer.

Much love Beloved,

Coach Yeamah

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