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Help, I Think My Same-Sex Attractions are an Attack from the Enemy!

Many of the questions on your mind as you are discovering your attraction to women as a Christian woman are these:

  • Does God hate me for feeling this way?

  • Am I confused by the enemy?

  • Is this a demonic attack?

  • If you're married, is this an attack on my marriage and family?

I want to bring them out plainly and demystify them and take away their power. For one thing, we have all had these questions in our mind. There is not one person who grew up in the traditional non-affirming Christian church who has not had these thoughts.

And they are valid.

It is responsible to ask these questions. It is also responsible to take these questions to God in prayer. I know that sounds trite but it is the truth. Unfortunately, no one can answer these questions FOR YOU. No matter how many times you research and hear other's testimonies you will still have the condemning voice on the inside of you.

I personally struggled with these questions for more than 15 years. This is why I've feel so honored to be called by God to coach women through this process. 15 years is too long of a time to struggle with thoughts of being hated by God or feeling like the devil has you on his personal attack list. It is painful. It is hard. It is scary. And it is hella lonely.

So my purpose for this blog is to let you know that everyone who has grown to accept themselves fully has walked through the valley of these questions. You are not alone and it does not have to last forever. As a coach, I help fast track this process for you to get you to your bliss earlier. And I love my job and I am freakin' good at it because its personal to me.

I feel your pain and your struggle. Reach out to me at and let's talk.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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