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I Kissed a Girl and I LIKED IT!


I remember my first kiss. It was as if my whole life, I was 19 so I hadn't lived the much yet lol, made sense finally. I finally understood what all those movie scenes were about: when the camera did a 360 turn around the couple, when the world went silent and disappeared, when there were fireworks in the distance. It all made sense!

This is what Hollywood has been talking about this whole time and I always felt like an outsider. I kissed guys and tried to conjure up the emotions I saw on the big screen, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. It could've been full of fireworks because it was forbidden for two women to kiss but then again not really, at least not on the college campus in the dorm room where I had my first kiss. The world's opinions weren't there with me. I was completely smitten by this woman and when we kissed my insides flipped all over and my body felt like uhhhh--no words.

It made sense and it felt right. And although I consider myself a bisexual cis-gender female, my greatest loves have been with women. I could no longer go back to pretending to only be straight when my heart and body responded so powerfully and purely to the love of a woman. Just typing this is making my heart sore and happy!

Welcome to truth and happiness darling. You are in the sweetest stage of coming to terms with who you are and your soul's joy! I love it! Follow me on Instagram @coachyeamah as a first step to celebrating your new found joy!

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