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Let's Talk About Sexual Immorality

If you're like me when you heard about sexual immorality being preached in church you never considered maybe they were preaching it wrong. The definition we were given includes homosexuality, adultery, fornication and masturbation. Funny enough childhood rape was never explicitly included in the definition of sexual immorality. We weren't on the look out for victims in the church we were on the look out for our own innate dysfunctional sexuality. We were on the look out to distrust our ferocious lust that could jump out at anytime and ruin our lives.

Or if you were a woman listening your role was to make sure not to be a seductress whether on purpose or by accident. You were on the look out to make sure your matured body was not a hindrance to your male counterparts.

Well...they did preach it wrong. We're not going to interpret or translate, we're going straight to the actual definition of the word that has been translated 26 times in the Bible as sexual immorality.

First, the Greek word translated is porneia. It was first translated as whoremonger, then as fornication and now more recently as sexual immorality. The term whoremonger actually refers to the customer of a prostitute, not the prostitute but her customer. There's so many things I could say here about how the church has made sexual immorality the cross of women and excuse the behavior of men. But I digress...

When they re-translated it as fornication it became an umbrella term for everyone who has sex outside of marriage. God forbid we highlight the buying of sex by men as an issue! But the actual word has to do only with buying of sex--not homosexuality. It is NOT an umbrella term.

You can look this up for yourself right now on Blue Letter Bible and a simple Google search.

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