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The #1 Thing to Learn from the Younger Queer Generation

They seem so different. They're free. Outspoken. Unapologetic. Bold. Transparent.

I admire the younger generation who are coming out and being themselves. And I love the community they have built online, especially on TikTok. They're being flirtatious and vulnerable about their struggles being queer in their family & schools. Its inspiring, truly.

Their boldness can make you feel a little inadequate or over exposed. You can either judge them or embrace them to learn from them. They're living the life we wished our society and ourselves were brave enough to accept when we were younger.

I wish my middle and high school taught us about queer relationships and my girl crushes were welcomed by my peers. I wish I had the chance to live my queer identity and develop socially as an adolescent living her truth. Even all the awkward first kisses I could gush about with my best friends. But we can't go back but we can watch from a distance and learn.

The number one thing we need to learn from the younger queer generation is it is okay to be socially clumsy when you are first coming out and navigating relationships. You are doing it at a later age but developmentally you're in the same process.

Relax. Give yourself some grace. You're learning to be yourself and it is a messy process. Mimick the younger generations boldness, freedom and transparency.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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