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The LGBTQIA+ Community is Too Young For Me

So you finally made the transition or are at least ready to but your new community seems like a bunch of confused children running around. You have ONE thing in common with them, your queer identity, but other than that there is no commonality at all.

You're not interested in hooking up with random people, or hanging out at bars and getting drunk, or even marching half-naked in a gay parade. You're not alone. Many, if not most adults who are coming out later in life experience these same feelings. But all hope is not lost.

The truth is you think that is all the LGBTQIA+ community is because the media says so. The only representation we see are old gays who lost all of their friends to AIDS in the 80s & 90s or the young gays on TikTok who have never paid a mortgage payment or taxes.

The community is so much richer. Especially now, there are healthy families with children, savvy fun young professionals, sassy strong entrepreneurs living their dream and so much more. The fact you are a part of the community already makes it richer. There are many more just like you.

You can find your community in this larger community. For example, the Girls Love Travel Facebook group with almost 1 millions members has many sub groups for queer woman who love to travel. I am a member of the Pride (Girls Love Travel). Most women in this group are late 20s or older.

What other Facebook groups are you a member of that caters to queer women? Drop it in the comments below.

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