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Where's the Support for Older Gay People?

A lot of the information we see on social media, the news, movies and Google seems to be targeting young queer people and it can feel very lonely for someone coming out later in life.

There seems to be no direction and no support. How do you determine the right path to take when you've built your entire life as one identity but now need to transition to another? How do you navigate this new identity with old relationships? Especially as a Christian, how do you reconcile your beliefs with your truth? Will you ever find a church to accept all of you? Are there church programs for people experiencing the same thing you are?

And the worst question---AM I THE ONLY ONE?

No, gratefully you're not the only one. Because of our society being a lot more open and accepting there are many older gay/queer people coming to terms with the truth. There is a community out there for you. There is also help.

I am blessed to be called to serve you and others like you. People who are believers and transitioning from the heterosexual identity to a queer identity. I can help because this is my story. I am the queen of transition. And as far as the leaving a church community you can't get more evangelical and right wing than the community I worked for and worshiped with for seven years.

I know all of the turns coming up for someone walking this least traveled road. I am here and ready to support you as you transition to becoming the truest version of who you are.

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