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Why Me? Why do I Have to be the Gay One?

Oh my goodness, how many times do we ask ourselves this? SO many. We don't want to be the one that's fallen in love with her best friend. Or the one who can't seem to feel as happy with guys as our friends seem to be. Why can't we just be NORMAL?!!

Trust me, most queer people have been here. I'm saying most because we have those unicorns in the LGBTQ+ community who grew up with affirming families & friends and were affirmed in their identity from the womb. Let's take a moment of silence to grieve why we were not so lucky.....okay moment over.

Now, why you? Why not you? Why not the amazing person you are with the gigantic amount of love you have to give be pointed toward another human who just happens to be the same gender as you? Whooo---breathe.

Let's think about the person who you GET TO LOVE. The love that's going to change your world and theirs and everyone around you. That powerful love that will absolutely change your life. You get to love and be in relationship with another human and that deserves a celebration.

I know it may feel like the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus asked the Father to let this cup pass from Him. But He was literally talking about dying for the sins of the ENTIRE world and going to HELL to take back what was stolen. But even if it stills feel like a death to you to have to go through this world as the "other" you must look beyond that to the joy set before you, which is what focusing on the love you get to share with another human being is.

Accept the superpower God has given you to love the same gender. That's right. It is your superpower. Hold on to that and if you're still struggling follow me on Instagram to learn how I celebrate my sexuality and a community of people to do the same. @CoachYeamah

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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