The Lie of Sexual Identity

August 17, 2016


Anything that separates your identity into parts is dangerous, because it implies that you are not a whole person.


Here’s what I mean. If you have a sexual identity, a workplace identity, a social identity, a friendship identity—it’s like you’re schizophrenic. There’s a million people living on the inside of you…


You only have ONE identity. When people think of you do want them to think oh that’s my black, bisexual, female friend? Or my Asian, straight, guy friend? You know the funny thing is that many of you probably do think of your friends that way. You separate and put them into boxes so that you can have a better context on how to relate to them. That’s how we’ve all been taught, so no wonder everyone is fighting to define all their different identities so that their friends and family put them in the right boxes. That’s a shame.


Time for Change Queens,


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