5 Proven Ways to Rebuild Your Relationship with God

A 6-Week Online Self-Study Course to Help You Reconstruct, Reconnect and Rebuild Your Relationship with With God After Coming out & Deconstructing Your Faith


Green Leaves

This Training is for You If...

  • God & your faith is the MOST important part of your life

  • You feel fearful & apprehensive about reading the Bible again

  • Are fearful of getting on a slippery slope toward "falling away" from God and "sound doctrine"


This Training is NOT for You If..

  • You are not ready to go deep with your religious fear and anxieties

  • God is not the most important part of your life

  • You are comfortable not making decisions for yourself and living based on other people's opinions

What You Will Receive After This Training..

You will learn how to hear God personally, feel confident God listens & hears you and feel confident the "word of God" affirms your identity & relationships.