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Behind the Story: Jesus the Healer

When the sun was setting, all those who had any that were sick with various diseases brought them to Him; and HE LAID HIS HANDS ON EVERY ONE OF THEM AND HEALED THEM. [Emphasis mine] Luke 4:40

Many of them had to be sick because they were living under the curse because they were living in transgression of the law, and all those curses from Deut. 28 were probably present. So many came must have been a multitude of people, coming with crutches, laid out on cots, limping, blind, deaf, skin defects, boils, heart diseases, kidney problems, the whole gamut. They were young and old, babies and grandmas and granddads, adolescents and young children…all came. And the method of healing was the same for everyone-the laying on of Jesus’ hands.

There He was at the front door or in the front of Peter’s house, in the midst of all these sick people and their families or the people who brought them to Him. There must’ve been all kinds of noises from the groaning of the sick and disturbed people. Mothers crying out for their babies, tears must’ve been on almost every face coming to Him and think about those who were first healed as they walked away and passed by those on their way to be healed proclaiming their healing to them—He healed me! Jesus is so awesome.

How great Your heart must’ve felt to see them rejoicing at their healing, needing no requirement but Your compassion! Oh Jesus You are a wonder, how beautiful You are, that You would stay there until the very last person came. And I know You must’ve waited to make sure that no one else was hidden under the dark sky as they came to You. You made sure that You were available and that the testimonies of those leaving would be theirs also, that indeed You are a healer! Your patience Lord, that You would stay and not just send Your Word but lay, not place, but lay Your hands on every single person that came to You to be healed and delivered, the entire multitude of them. And every time they came to You, it was as if they were the center of the universe and all Your attention was on them. You must’ve listened to each and every one of them so attentively, as if You didn’t already know. And how many times did You assure them that indeed You desired them to be healed and well. You sent them off the same, ‘Go in peace.’

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