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I Said, Yes!

The proposal was magnificent! It was so sweet. It was a beautiful cozy winter evening,

the temperature was just right for hot chocolate and comfy over-sized socks. We had been chatting for hours and enjoying each other's company. The question came out of nowhere.

"Do you accept you as you are?

All I could think was, "not now, not while we're having such a good time." I had intentionally been avoiding this conversation for a long time. I just simply did not want to deal with the rejection. Only recently had I even decided to sheepishly, and quite honestly, fearfully look into how my faith could help me navigate my sexual orientation.

So, when He asked me, I didn't know what to say. My heart honestly was feeling a very strong and very loud booming NO. Choosing to say no would mean that there was clear path in front of me. A path that although had proven to be unsuccessful for 99% of people before me, was still clear and safe.

Lurking a little lower and whispering a little quieter in my heart, right under that loud no, was an eager too-good-to-be-true yes.

So, I eventually whispered, yes. And instantly I knew I was finally in alignment with Him.

We unpacked my response and the most joyous love was poured into my heart. I felt the literal celebration of God all over me. He called my ability to fall in love with souls my superpower! And It was perfection!

So, what about you? If God were to ask you that question, would your answer be yes?

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