A 10 week group program to help you live an open authentic life without shame and know, for a fact, God loves & accepts you.

This is for you if...

  • You are fearful you are wrong and will be punished and spend eternity separate from God.

  • You are ready to accept yourself and live free.

  • You want to have an intimate relationship with God without denying your sexuality.

"I entered into coaching with Yeamah tired, defeated, afraid and disoriented. I exited with my passion for the One who loves me BEST ignited and truth ringing in my ears." -Shenay, Bisexaul Mother of Two

What will this do for you?

  • Help you overcome doubts about your sexuality and years of toxic theology.

  • Give you direction & encouragement on how to become more confident as Christian and Queer person.

  • Give you confidence to invest in your romantic relationships & allow yourself to love without inhibition.


10 weeks of live coaching calls with Coach Yeamah and your cohort of 9 other LGBTQ+ Christians

Completion Time

10 weeks


Accepting Applications

Apply for Details


Key Areas We'll Cover...

  • Internalized Homophobia

  • Detoxing from the Cycle of Shame

  • Eliminating Religious Anxiety

  • Praying to God for a Partner

  • Sharing Your Relationships with Others

  • The True Nature & Voice of God

  • Defining Sin & Justice

  • Reframing the Bible

  • Holiness of Queer Sex

  • Procreation

  • Sexual Pleasure


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