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Purpose Detox: It's Not Impossible

Hey beautiful souls!

I hope you've been joining me on Periscope @coachyeamah for our 40 Purpose Detox!

Today we're talking about the thought that our purpose is "too hard", "too difficult", "too much work", "not in enough time" to fulfill our purposes. All of those thoughts boil down to us really thinking that it's impossible to really do the thing that's deep down in our hearts. It paralyzes us, because the world impossible basically means "don't even try it!"

Now you know this is a detox so every thought in the previous paragraph is completely ridiculous. There is nothing that is impossible for God, which means nothing's impossible for you either. Why would God put a dream in your heart that you can never have? That would be so incredible sadistic and mean of Him. And He's not a mean God. He's not out here dangling a carrot in your face to frustrate you.

If the dream is in your heart it's because you and God are very much able to do it!

So it may have been easier to dream and sit back looking at something you can never have, but right now because I've just told you that you can have it--you now have to rise up and become the person who can handle that BIG dream. You and I can't sit on the sidelines paralyzed anymore because if the dream really is possible that means we need to get to work.

No more copping out because it's too hard. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Love you beautiful ones!

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