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Purpose Detox: Define Your Own Success

Hello! You are beautiful and awesome!

You are loved!!

Okay, how do you define your own success? First of all, you stop looking around you to find it. We get caught up in all the "visible" talent out there: musicians, actors, celebrities, etc. You never see a famous librarian lol. So what we do is look at those very visible people and let THEIR lives define success for us.

Or we watch movies about what it looks like when someone makes it BIG--the cars, the women, the money, the party, the house and so on. Some of those things may be success to you but make sure YOU decided that. Make sure society didn't define it for you, or your mother, or your friends, or the religious spirit, or whatever...make sure YOU and GOD sat down and defined what your success is.

Let me help you get started: the dictionary definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This means success is UNIQUE to all of us because we all have unique purposes and callings. So what may be success to you is not success to someone else--because we're not reaching for the same goal. Isn't God good to have set it up that way. You have your OWN lane and your OWN finish line.

So make sure you stay out of everyone else's lane. Take the time to get clarity on what your success looks like, what does your finish line look like. Also, know that it is multifaceted. When you write down what success looks like to you it won't be just one sentence. For example, success for me looks like living a fully integrated life, living in a warm climate and setting my own schedule.

Your turn. What does success look like for you?

Be loved!

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