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Purpose Detox: Letting Go of Toxic Relationships 101

Hey y'all!

So we did three parts of this topic on Periscope make sure you go watch the replays @ycoach!

Okay so how do you know you're in a toxic relationship?

  1. They drain the mess out of you

  2. You have to work hard just to stay in communication with them

  3. You start behaving in old destructive patterns

How do you let it go?

  1. Forgive yourself and them--it's not one person's fault it's both of you--you're both toxic for each other

  2. Allow yourself to miss them but miss them in a healthy way by thinking about all the good times you shared, the lessons you learned and being thankful for having learned those lessons

  3. Get excited about new beginnings and new relationships!

Just because you let them go doesn't mean you have to stop loving them. You can love someone and not have them in your life. Wish them well but still chuck up the deuces!

The blocking ministry: sometimes you will need to block someone on social media and your phone because YOU need to remove that access from your life. Never block someone because you think they're unworthy of you. block them because you need boundaries set up. They probably won't notice anyway if they're not responding to you so don't feel bad.

That's it. I hope you allow yourself the permission to feel bad and sad but don't get stuck there. Get happy for the people that God's bringing in your life that's going to be glad to be in your life and celebrate you. Enough with all that drama--it shouldn't be that hard boo! God's got better on the way I promise! :)

Love you smooches!!

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