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Purpose Detox: YOU are WORTHY of Love!

Hello beautiful person reading this post right now...I want you to know that YOU are WORTHY of love! Go ahead and read that one more time.

We have been talking about letting go of toxic relationships go and we can start to feeling like something is chronically wrong with us because we always seem to be in a toxic relationship. That is not true. There is not something chronically wrong with you.

These are some of the things that plague your mind when you are in a failing relationship:

  1. Something is chronically wrong with me as a person that's why I can't have a healthy relationship.

  2. I am unworthy of real love.

  3. I am ugly.

  4. I am ....fill in the blank.

Here's the one truth to delete all of those that you must say out loud whenever those lies come into your mind--I AM WORTHY OF LOVE. When you say that it will short circuit those lies and fill in that place of loss on the inside of you. Trust me IT WORKS!

Go be loved, beloved. God's got you in this.

P.S. Make sure you join us on Periscope for the 40 Day Purpose Detox!

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