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The Problem With #teyanataylorbodygoals

Hey BEAUTIFUL people,

This blog may be offensive to some people who are already upset by the title, if that is you, #sorrynotsorry. Let's continue.

If you've read any of my previous blogs you know that I am all about sexual wholeness Jesus style and women owning their sexual journey and loving themselves. So that's a lot to say in one sentence, but it's my passion and I was born to set people free from sexual bondage and release them into sexual wholeness. Okay, with all that said, what is the problem with #teyanataylorbodygoals?

Wait, before I began, this is not a post about hating or degrading Teyana. I do not know her personally and will NOT be body shaming her in this post--that would go against everything I believe and live.

Let's continue...

#1: The continual sexualization ( I made that word up) of the female body. Every where we look the female body is being used to sell sex. We are sex objects on billboards, magazine covers, in movies and music videos. The real reason people want Teyana's body isn't so they can be healthy (that may be a surface reason); but the real reason is so you can look and be sexy.

We are obsessed with being sexy. And what does sexy mean? It means to be able to invoke sexual arousal through sight, sound and touch. That's our goal in life? To be sexy? That's the goal we want our young girls striving for?

When you ask a young girl what she would like to be when she grows up, do you expect her to say, 'sexy'? The answer you probably are thinking, is "of course not," but the answer is yes, because when #teyanataylorbodygoals trends on all social media sights little girls--teenagers--are not looking at it thinking--"she's so healthy I want to be like her." They're thinking, "people like her because she's sexy I should be more sexy." It's not just young girls--'mature' women are thinking the SAME thing!

Let's not unintentionally tell ourselves as women and communicate to our younger queens that being sexy is the ultimate goal to being loved, liked and celebrated. Your body is not a piece of property, you are not a piece of meat. You are precious and beautiful. Your body is treasure to be kept hidden in honor. Don't fall for the media's sexualization of our bodies. We are more than our bodies. Let's start trending hashtags for healthy things like loving yourself as you are, not settling for less than you deserve, a bomb relationship with God (yes I said bomb--I'm an 80's baby lol), and loving others selflessly.

With Love,


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