Yes, I'm Black, Queer and Christian.

How did I get to this point where I can boldly declare this without my heart beating a hundred beats a minute and my lungs feeling like they are running out of oxygen? Without the flashing images of the faces of my loved ones and coworkers contorting into disgust and disappointment?

To start with, I was the first black person, first female, and first person under 40 to sit at the executive table of the third largest evangelical ministry in the United States and worldwide. I am the first published author in my family, which I am extremely proud of. The first officially licensed minister of the Gospel because of the legacy of my African grandmother, who discipled and nurtured over 400 children in her small village in Liberia, West Africa. I built a company from scratch that touches over 5,000 lives every year. And now, the first openly queer person in my family.

I am no stranger to pioneering and would often delightfully accept being the first; except when it came to coming out. I struggled. I didn't want to be