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I'm Ready to Come Out but I don't Want to Cause My Family Pain

I know your family means the world to you and maintaining peace is important. They certainly do love you as well but the stigma of being gay can create a lot of tension within families. Although we are generally more accepting as a society it still causes considerable pain for families, especially parents. Their expectations of you and your future is now drastically different from what it will be, and they do have to grieve. No matter what age you are this will be true.

The pain that will be caused is unfortunately unavoidable. This does not mean you need to continue to cause yourself pain by living a lie. Love is what you have to hold onto. The love your family has for you and you for them. The love God has for you and the love you have for yourself. The Bible says that love is stronger than death and that it never fails.

Resting in love will give you the confidence to step out and share with the world who you are.

For specific considerations on how to come out to family check out this free book I wrote.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram for daily encouragement and tools how to transition from a heterosexual lifestyle to a queer identity.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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