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Will I Survive Turning My Entire Life Upside Down?


You will survive turning your entire life RIGHT SIDE UP!

This question is focused on the negative aspects of you coming out. I'm not saying there aren't any. My own father disowned me after my younger sister outed me. Did it hurt and was it painful, absolutely, but I survived. I feel the Gloria Gaynor song coming...LOL

Listen, you cannot become who you are and everything around stay the same. In the process of identity shift and change the outer expressions of who you were must shift and change with you. The good news is they are shifting in ALIGNMENT with the REAL YOU.

Your focus must be on the freedom and rest coming as a result of you living your truth. The world comes alive because you are coming to life. You're going to feel like you've been dead and living as a shell of a person this entire time. Every love song and movie and the emotion expressed is going to finally make sense to you. Your heart is going to open so wide it will feel like its going to expand outside of your chest.

Will you survive, yes, but more than that you're going THRIVE!

Share this with a friend who is struggling to come out.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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