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Sexual Shame & Guilt vs Conviction

What's the difference? If you read my previous blog you're asking tons of questions and this is one of them. The blog was a bit scandalous because of the implications of what I wasn't saying. It would be assumed that I was somehow promoting go out and do whatever makes you feel good even if you're sinning against God and yourself. So I'm going to clarify my position.

First, going out and do whatever feels good to you but harms another person in any way, we're specifically referring to sexual behavior and choices, is not love. And like I'm always going to repeat, whatever is not of love is not of God. Secondly, doing whatever feels good to you as someone who is still broken and traumatized from past consensual & non-consensual experiences is going to hurt you and the person(s) you interact with. Lastly, whatever feels good to you outside of a real honest relationship with God will inevitable hurt you and again the other person(s) involved.

Now that all of that is out of the way lets chat about conviction. In my personal experience, the conviction I've experienced from the Holy Spirit has always felt deep down healing and reassuring. It has always felt affirming of my true identity as the beloved. It has ALWAYS felt like a calling back home to safety and love. Whenever it has felt like shame, guilt & condemnation it has always been the voice of religion screaming in my face. The voice of shame has always made me feel unworthy & irretrievable bad. Sir or ma'am, that voice is NEVER the voice of God.

Are we going to make mistakes while we're on this journey of sexual wholeness & expression? Absolutely. As you are coming more into your truth you don't leap from a babe to walking--there is a crawling stage and a falling over while trying to walk stage. It's all there and God knows all of it and embraces you at every stage. So when you do make a mistake you will hear Love's voice saying "you are loved & protected; you are valuable; you are beautiful; you learned a valuable lesson and its changed how you view the world so you're better off because of the mistake" etc.

Sexual shame, guilt & condemnation are NEVER the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Once you know that you'll be able to navigate around those thoughts and come up higher to hear the voice of your Beloved.

Much love,

Coach Yeamah

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